Almost as popular as sequels to classic films are rumors about sequels to classic films, and Goonies director Richard Donner did his part to jumpstart the latter when speaking with TMZ this morning.

After the TMZ cameraman prodded Donner for an answer that disparaged Hollywood's obsession with rebooting superhero franchises (which he refused to give ["What happened to the art, though?" "The art is made by a lot of good filmmakers."]), the cameraman asked if he had plans to make another comic book movie. "If you call Goonies a comic book," Donner replied. "We're doin' a sequel."

This, of course, isn't the first time rumors of a Goonies sequel have surfaced. (Sean Astin said it was an "absolute certainty" in 2007.) So, as is true with all rumors like this, it's best to take the future possibility of Goonies 2 as a strict "umm, maybe."

When Donner was asked if any of the stars would return he replied, "Hopefully all of them."

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