On New Year's Day, Kanye West released "Only One," a piano ballad written and performed in collaboration with Paul McCartney. Yeezus pairing up with the most genial Beatle was exciting if a little befuddling, and several people took to Twitter to make the same joke at Sir Paul's expense. Good Morning America didn't get it.

The joke:

The joke—and it is very obviously a joke—is that Kanye, a musician who regularly "shines a light on unknown artists," was collaborating with an artist whose star is even bigger than his own. Desus, one of the jokers in question, is celebrated across the internet for his excellent jokes. Of course everyone knows who Paul McCartney is.

GMA—along with a host of other outlets—wasn't having it.

Not that ignorance of McCartney in favor of Kanye is some mortal sin anyway. If that guy were coming up today, he'd be playing to crowds of unsuspecting rap fans in Hamburg, covering "Love Lockdown."

[Image via AP]