All good guys with guns mean well. Not all good guys with guns do well. Here is another story about one who meant well, a Chicago man with a concealed-weapons permit who fired wildly at a robber and sent a police officer diving for cover, interrupting his pursuit of the perp.

It all went down at an AT&T store on Saturday. The legally armed man was about to go in when he noticed the robbery going down inside, according to the Chicago Tribune:

After he saw the suspect leaving through a back door, he entered the store and ran out the back too, according to police.

Meanwhile, an officer had been flagged down by several people who told them the store was being robbed, police said. The officer spotted someone running from the rear of the building with a large duffel bag and a gun in his hand, police said.

As the officer began chasing the suspect, the man with the concealed carry permit saw the suspect and fired two shots, police said.

"Since the officer did not know where the shots were fired from, he was forced to terminate his foot pursuit and take cover for his own safety," police said in the statement.

Police, not armed citizens, were able to eventually catch the suspect by setting up a cordon around the woods where he'd fled.

It was not immediately clear whether the licensed gun owner was justified in firing his weapon—whether, in other words, the suspect was fleeing as he shot—but in any case, his aim was off. As the Tribune tersely put it: "No injuries were reported."

[Photo credit: Shutterstock]