Yesterday's Twitter niche bombshell was the alleged unmasking of @gselevator, a hugely popular "parody" account that recently landed itself a very real book deal. The fact that the jokes didn't really originate inside Goldman won't stop the deal—but how the fact that some of them didn't really originate with @gselevator?

The Elevator built its lucrative reputation by tweeting out generically obnoxious one-liners:

But there's a difference between sounding generic and sounding familiar:

As a tipster pointed out today, a lot of @GSElevator's lines are, shall we say, derivatives—he's appears to have been passing off someone else's popsicle-stick jokes as his own for years. Specifically, he seems to have leveraged the Twitter stream of John Munson, a former Jeopardy! contestant, which would make this at least the second time the account has been caught stealing. In each case below, @GSElevator reworks a tweet earlier posted by Munson:

So, there are two options here. Either John Munson is in on @GSElevator, or @GSElevator's internet fame and six-figure literary contract is based on ripping off a stranger—which in a way, is maybe the only thing the account really has in common with Goldman Sachs.