Conservative talk show host Glenn Beck is under investigation for allegedly threatening to kill Donald Trump with a knife.

According to CBS, the Secret Service is following up with an investigation for comments made by Beck on his radio program last week. Beck asserts that the comments were jokes, and that he never meant to actually threaten the Republican presidential candidate. Another radio host tweeted that the Secret Service visited the office of The Blaze, which hosts Beck’s show.

The incident began during his show on Friday, when Beck was answering his own rhetorical question, “Would you vote for Donald Trump if he is the nominee?” He responded in conversation with his producer by expressing an urge that many have felt, but few dared to speak its name:

“If I was close enough and I had a knife. Really. I mean the stabbing just wouldn’t stop.”

Stu Burguiere, the head writer of The Glenn Beck Program, said on Twitter that the comments were directed at him, not at Trump.

The two have had an uneasy relationship for a while now, with barbs traded back and forth, and Trump eventually calling Beck “dumb as a rock.”

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