On his show on The Blaze yesterday, via Mediaite, Glenn Beck went on a tear against President Obama for his complete and utter failure to singlehandedly cure and then eradicate the Ebola virus.

“We need someone with actual balls to tell the people the truth!” Beck yelled. He did not clarify what he meant by the term “actual balls.”

Beck continued:

Stop hiding behind all of your cabinet members—who you haven’t even met. Stop hiding behind all of these agencies. You know who’s in charge? You are, sir! You spent a billion dollars for the job, now do the damn job!

(The job is Worldwide Epidemiologist.)

The radio pundit also suggested a march on the White House to get the FAA to suspend air travel to West Africa. Who should show up to this march? “Everybody: Republicans, Democrats, Independents. You know, even kids with chicken pox.” To be fair, that last part is in reference to a decades-old Armour Hot Dogs commercial, but it’s also a terrible idea for a protest attempting to quell a viral epidemic.