Artist Jemima Kirke got a little too clingy for Jay Z's comfort on the gallery set of "Picasso Baby," reports the New York Daily News. That's so unlike her disaffected Girls character Jessa. See what happens when, as an artist, you play against type? Your artist body loses control and your artist self gets shamed in front of luminaries such as Rosie Perez, Marilyn Minter, Jim Jarmusch, and your Girls costar Adam Driver.

The incident apparently made its way into Jay's video, when Kirke is seen "jumping on his back like a little monkey," according to the report's source, who also described Kirke as "totally nuts" on set. Kirke was eventually unclamped and thrown out, while "kicking" and pleading, "Let us finish!" Why wasn't that included it the video? Sounds like art to me.

The Daily News adds this bit of hilarity at the end of its report:

This isn’t the first time that Kirke, a painter who plays the bohemian Jessa Johansson on the popular HBO show, has lost control during a performance art piece. In 2010 she was photographed bawling her eyes out at performance artist Abramovic’s “The Artist Is Present” MoMA exhibition, where Abramovic sat still for more than 700 hours, simply staring at visitors who took turns sitting across from her. Called for comment about their client’s Jay Z meltdown, Kirke’s reps said they knew nothing of the incident.

Artist Jemima Kirke: cuckoo for pomo art.