Since David After Dentist debuted in 2009, there have been so many videos of the crazy shit people say under anesthesia after getting their wisdom teeth removed that it's practically a genre now—and this girl just redefined it.

Some people who get drugged up at the dentist turn into wizards or World-Series-winning NASCAR drivers(?), but she has higher ambitions: She wants to be a Kardashian and have sex with Ryan Gosling.

In a series of now-deleted Vines, she hits on her "hot doctor" and declares matter-of-factly, "I want white dick. I want to fuck white dick," while her mom tries to get her to stop filming.

Maybe the drugs made her completely candid and allowed her to release her latent Gosling-lust, or maybe she just faked it #forthevine. As David confirmed years ago, not everything that happens after the dentist is "real life."

[H/T Reddit]