You could probably re-assemble a large part of the entire run of The Wire just from the gifs obsessive fans have posted to Tumblr. A new robot spoofs fandom by automatically and arbitrarily creating gifs from The Wire and uploading them to Tumblr.

Massachusets programmer Darius Kazemi recently launched, on which his bot posts a new gif from the Wire every hour, starting with Season 2, Episode 1. (Kazemi, a programmer by trade, also created the hilarious Random Shopper, which automatically bought him random crap on Amazon.)

He calls it "automating fandom" on his blog and explains:

The way it works is pretty simple: I have a video of The Wire and its corresponding subtitle file, which provides dialogue with timestamps. The bot finds some dialogue at random, looks up the timestamps, clips the video, gifs it, and uploads to tumblr.

The resulting gifs enshrine unremarkable moments and interesting ones indiscriminately, grinding the beloved series into easily digestible-chunks of digital stimulus. It's a perfect parody of internet fandom but also, maybe, its ultimate expression.