When he decided to further his surreal feud with the Wu-Tang Clan by trolling Ghostface Killah, Martin Shkreli probably assumed he would have the upper hand in a battle of making dumb videos for the internet. But today, Ghostface released his response to Shkreli (I Love the 2010s!) and it turns out to be not dumb at all.

The video runs nearly 12 minutes, and if at any point in the last several months you’ve wanted to tell Martin Shkreli what a bad man he is, I suggest you watch it. It will be very cathartic. Though Ghostface lobs some benign disses at Shkreli—calling him Peter Pan, showing a meme that compares him to Pee-wee Herman, and repeating that he must have been on Ritalin as a kid, which strikes me as true—he spends much of the video excoriating Shkreli not for inflaming a legendary rap group but for his original sin: raising the price of his life-saving AIDS drug by 5000%.

“How they gon’ live, man?” Ghost asks, referring to the people who need Shkreli’s drug. “You a real killer, man. But you a soft killer. You a baby, man.”

Later, Ghostface brings out his sister and mother, who tell Shkreli that he needs to be spanked. It’s very good. If Martin Shkreli’s aim in provoking Ghostface was to be told at-length that he’s a deeply shitty person then I guess this all worked out for him? The video ends with a clip of Shkreli pleading the fifth at a recent Congressional hearing when asked what he would say to a pregnant woman with AIDS who could no longer afford the drug owned by his company. Ghostface has a real point!

Now, there is one thing about the video I have to mention. It also kinda doubles as a sales pitch for a product Ghostface hawks called Wu Goo, a hemp oil that he says can be an effective treatment against cancer:

One might point out that Ghostface, in hoping to sell an acutely modern version of snake oil to people with severe illnesses, isn’t as far removed from Martin Shkreli as he might think. That’s probably true, but, uh, it still sure is great to hear him disembowel a particularly deserving villain.

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