The challenge, should you have the gumption to accept it, is to take all your forthcoming mid-air cocktails without the tangy garnish of a fresh lime. Several airlines are soon to nix them from their inflight service.

With the recent devastating uptick in lime prices—giving the drink-enhancing pithy nuggets the menacing nickname of "green gold"—airlines are doing what they think is right by cutting back on their already meager drink offerings. Some are even substituting with lemons.

United Airlines spokesman Rahsaan Johnson took a blasé attitude to the delicate art of mixology as he told AP:

"We still serve limes, though they're more difficult to source. So, on some flights we're substituting with lemons."

Casually being served a margarita with a lemon while a screaming toddler kicks the back of your chair into your skull is only one more way to ensure mile-high mutiny.

The airlines that are cutting back include United Airlines and Alaska Airlines. Luckily, if you're flying JetBlue, you can rely on "crystallized citrus additives True Lemon and True Lime" to propel you into belligerent airborne inebriation instead.

But fear not. The cutbacks of citrus joy slices is apparently "temporary."

[Image via AP]