If you happen to be looking to show your support for SAE, in the wake of its University of Oklahoma chapter getting booted off campus for being a bunch of racists, you might be in the market for the type of confederate flag seen hanging proudly in the SAE house at Oklahoma State University. Thankfully for you, Jeff Bezos invented Amazon.

A retailer named Rhode Island Novelty sells a product on Amazon called "Confederate Rebel Flag 3ft x 5ft Printed Polyester." It is the most popular confederate flag on Amazon and retails for $44.99, though if you are an Amazon Prime subscriber you can purchase it for just $4.89. Obtaining a lasting symbol of America's racism at an 89% discount is what internet retail dreams are made of.

(Amazon would also like you to know that you can buy "Confederate Rebel Flag 3ft x 5ft Printed Polyester" and "Dont Tread on Me Yellow [Gadsden] Flag - 3x5 foot Poly" and "U.S. Nylon US Flag 3X5 ft- Embroidered Stars" for a total price of just $18.21. Unfortunately, you have to procure horrible opinions about brown people on your own.)

237 Amazon users have felt strongly enough about "Confederate Rebel Flag 3ft x 5ft Printed Polyester" to leave a review and star rating. These are their stories.

5 stars

"With the current racial tension in this country"

"everyone wanted to say I was racist"

"How can you beat this deal?"

"this flag is the one"

"it really gets the point acrross"

"Perfect addition to the party"

"It hangs beside our American and Christian flags"

4 stars

"He's crazy about anything concerning the south"

"My neighbors were worried"

"i could have gotten my a$$ kicked"

"I paid for a $3.4 7confederate flag and I got one."

"im looking to get one made out of cotton"


3 stars

"It wasn't has big as I thought"

"would order the heavier 'cotton' type next time"

"But I also have OCD"

2 stars

"This flag had to have been made north of Mason-Dixon"

"A customer who I'm building a gun case for"

1 star

"it tore in a week"

"I wanted a flag that could be flown"

"Can't help but wonder if positive reviews were fake"