The East Williamsburg/Bushwick section of Brooklyn is set to become home to the first twenty-four hour diner/music venue that also has a dedicated Spin the Bottle table. Now you don't have to wait another ten years to put those soft lips of yours to work.

DNAinfo reports that Chang Han, who once held not-creepy-at-all Jello wrestling matches at his erstwhile East Village restaurant Gama, plans to replicate his past lascivious ventures in a new operation, called Amancay's Diner.

A self-described "professional party guy," Han, 48, said Amancay's, which is set to open next month at the intersection of Knickerbocker and Johnson Aves, will give him a place to party into the night.

But don't worry—there is food, too. Amancay's Diner is set to serve "Bushwick-ified" fare, a term coined by Han, which means standards like tacos, burgers, and chicken noodle soup, but made with "organic ingredients and from-scratch preparation."

Just make sure you're looking out for that spinach in your teeth. ;)

[Image via DNAinfo]