Want to see what's so great about Sydney Leathers' naked bits that Anthony Weiner felt compelled to annihilate his political prospects over them?

Well, luckily for you, Ms. Leathers is just as shameless as you are! I'm kidding of course, it's a free country.

And what a country: Going from zero to king slayer to porn starlet (and back to zero) in less than sixty days, the infamous Indiana political activist's meeting with Vivid honcho Steve Hirsch has, beyond unsurprisingly, resulted in a full-blown "sex tape."

Okay, so Leathers doesn't actually have sex in this thing.

But she does get naked and embarrass Weiner some more by talking dirty about their ostensibly private exchanges.

And who can put a price on that? Oh, that's right. Vivid.

[H/T: TMZ]