With Mein Kampf back on German bookshelves for the first time in 70 years, Germans are buying up the murderous manifesto faster than even online retailers can churn it out. In less than a week of being back in its native tongue, Mein Kampf is already sold out in Germany.

The newly released, heavily annotated German edition turns what would otherwise be a 500 page-book into a 2,000-page behemoth—and one that was snatched up from German bookshelves almost instantly on January 8. Even the German-language Amazon sold out, with the book receiving 15,000 advance orders on an initial 4,000 print run.

While the new edition aims to “deconstruct and put into context Hitler’s writing,” The New York Times notes that some academics believes that “a scholarly edition would legitimize the rantings of a sociopath who led the country down the path of evil.” Not the German people, though! They love it.

[h/t The New York Times]

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