They came to Germany in search of better lives. But they left Germany in search of better food.

For those of you seeking to add a little levity to the ongoing discussion of the European refugee crisis, you won’t do any better than today’s LA Times report on the growing wave of refugees who fled war and misery and came to Germany and who are now going back to the war and misery, because fuck Germany. There are many reasons why a growing number of refugees are becoming disillusioned with their new homeland: poor housing, lack of economic opportunity, distrust from the local citizens, isolation from friends and family.

But also:

“The food was terrible, so disgusting that not even animals should be fed it.”

People ready to go back to Iraq, where you can get blown up by ISIS at a funeral, rather than tolerating one more week of this slop!

“I’m tired of being treated like an animal, of living in a giant room with hundreds of others and getting horrible food and having to take cold showers.”

Death before currywurst!!!!!!!!!

[War crime photo: Jessica Spengler/ Flickr]

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