A mere two days after finding George Zimmerman innocent of the murder of Trayvon Martin, juror B37 in the case has signed on with a prominent literary agent, as a prelude to a book deal. This juror is a woman who hates the media and went into the trial mistakenly believing there were "riots" over the case.

The video above is the entire voir dire of juror B37— the process during which the attorneys question prospective jurors to determine their suitability. During the questioning, the juror, a mother of two who owns "a lot" of animals, revealed the following things:

- She dislikes the media in general and considers it worthless. "You never get all the information... it's skewed one way or the other."

- "I don't listen to the radio" or read the internet, she said. Her only news about the case came from the Today show. "Newspapers are used in the parrot's cage. Not even read," she said. "It's been so long since I even read one. The only time I see em is when I'm putting them down on the floor."

- During questioning, she referred multiple times to "riots" in Sanford after Trayvon Martin was killed. "I knew there was rioting, but I guess [the authorities] had it pretty well organized," she says at one point. In fact, despite a great deal of salivating anticipation by the media both before and after the trial, there were no riots in Sanford, Florida.

- She referred to the killing of Trayvon Martin as "an unfortunate incident that happened."

- Asked by George Zimmerman's attorney to describe Trayvon Martin, she said, "He was a boy of color."

Juror B37 found George Zimmerman not guilty. Her book will surely make her a lot of money.