George Zimmerman hasn't had anything to shoot in a while, so he's still playing with this debt-paying arts-and-crafts thing where he trolls everyone with infantile comments on American justice, oh and also, stencils.

The multiple offender who still, amazingly, has guns and a driver's license and freedom, let his brother unveil this breathtaking masterpiece of his Early Derp Period, titled "Angie." Unveiled Wednesday on Twitter, it's a Shepard Fairey-esque rendering of Jacksonville state attorney Angela Corey, who tried Zimmerman for the death of Trayvon Martin—and whom G-Zimms has taken to calling "Angie Cakes." Ever graceful in victory, you know.

It's captioned: "I have this much respect for the American judicial system," something George presumably fantasizes about Corey saying, although in a Freudian-Lacanian critical sense, given the hot colors, we could certainly imagine a certain amount of phallogocentric desire and projection on Georgie's part.

Formally speaking, his depiction of hands is not so much mannerist as Mommy-'n'-Me fingerpaint, and the use of shadow on Corey suggests her neck is about to be attacked by a ferret. The totality of the painting assaults the viewer's eyeballs. But then, assault is part and parcel of the artist's milieu.

How much will this sell for? Who knows? Zimmerman's last work went for six figures. So far, he's mum on the value of this magnum opus. But he does have some thoughts on God he'd like to share with you now:

Well said, freed man. And good luck with the art thing. Though we're not sure you'll ever top your most memorable work.