Child-killer George Zimmerman has released a video—recorded, The Orlando Sentinel reports, by his divorce lawyer—in which he expresses the utmost lack of regret or remorse for the events that led to the death of unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin three years ago last month.

The interview was conducted by Howard Iken, of Ayo and Iken PLC. It can be seen on Ayo and Iken's website, It's bad.

Iken: Now that we are talking about this let me just ask you going back to the actual event that evening in Sanford. Did you do anything wrong?

Zimmerman: No, sir.

Iken: Do you have clean conscience at this point?

Zimmerman: Yes, sir.

Zimmerman goes on to express that he feels victimized by President Barack Obama. "Instead of rushing to judgment, making racially charged comments and pitting American against American, I believe that he should have taken the higher road," Zimmerman says.

Last month, the Department of Justice decided not to prosecute Zimmerman for a hate crime.

"You cannot feel guilty for surviving," Zimmerman says. "In all fairness, you cannot as a human feel guilty for living, for surviving."

The Sentinel reports that, according to Iken, authorities have not given Zimmerman back his gun.

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