Everyone's favorite retiree George W. Bush appeared on The Tonight Show on Tuesday, ostensibly to promote his new library but also to show off one of his new paintings, which he gave to host Jay Leno. The painting, a portrait of Leno, marks something of an artistic shift for Bush, who has spent the past several months seemingly painting only animals—specifically, cats and dogs.

When Leno showed a painting of the former president's recently-deceased dog, Barney, Bush segued into an anecdote about Vladimir Putin's pet snobbery. In short, Putin was not impressed with Barney, a fact he demonstrated during their one meeting with his “body language,” according to Bush; when Bush met Putin's dog—a large hound—a year later, the Russian president boasted that his dog was “bigger, faster, and stronger” than Barney. What a dick.

As for that pesky “legacy” thing, well, Dubya just isn't sure yet. “It's going to take a while for history to judge if the decisions I made are consequential or not,” he told Leno. Some people might disagree.

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