In an interview with ABC News to promote his new game-filled library, George W. Bush spoke about the most important moment of his presidency: the decision to go to war with Iraq. That war, which led to the deaths of at least 123,000-134,000 Iraqi civilians and over 4,400 U.S. troops, was in large part fought because of the incorrect information that Saddam Hussein was in possession of weapons of mass destruction. But don't worry, Bush is still “very comfortable” with his decision to invade.

"As far as I'm concerned, the debate is over,” he told Diane Sawyer. “I mean, I did what I did. And historians will ultimately judge those decisions."

The lack of WMDs will be acknowledged in the museum, according to Bush.

"We're just laying out the facts. And that was a fact," Bush said. "I am comfortable in the decision-making process. I think the removal of Saddam Hussein was the right decision for not only our own security but for giving people a chance to live in a free society. But history will ultimately decide that, and I won't be around to see it.”

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