George Soros, one of history's most successful investors, has wagered $1.3 billion that the U.S. stock market is going to crash soon. The average American is wagering the opposite.

The stock market's huge rally in 2013 has done wonders for the generally paltry 401K retirement accounts of the Americans lucky enough to have them: balances are at all time highs. At the same time, Americans are borrowing more—household debt rose by more in the last quarter than it has since just before the 2008 recession.

Even the investments of Wall Street bankers are doing well!

The only people who seem not to be participating in this market-driven economic boom time (besides the, ah, bottom two-thirds of wage earners) are the sad sacks who followed the American Dream blueprint to the letter by taking out student loans in order to further their educations and make something of themselves. All that student loan debt is making them unable to buy their first homes. Wow, great job of contributing to our nation's ever-advancing economic machine, hardworking college graduates— not.

Anyhow, the point is that the stock market has been on a relatively uninterrupted run up for more than two years now, and average people just like you are gazing happily at your eye-popping 401K balances, dreaming of all the toys and trips that the booming economy will provide for you as you sit back and ride the ever-rising tide of the S&P. And you borrow and borrow more, confident that the appreciation of your investments will cover you. And, by doing this—by giving in to confidence and dreamy belief in your solid economic future—you play your own small part in helping to bring about the moment when the music stops, and those debts are called in, and the market craters, and George Soros makes his next billion dollars.

George Soros thanks you, American dreamers!

[Photo: AP]