George R.R. Martin, the man the world is counting on to bring Game of Thrones to a satisfying conclusion where Tyrion and Daenerys rule Westeros side-by-side (with Ser Pounce the cat as Hand), still writes on a DOS machine with Wordstar 4.0 (released in 1985!).

It's not connected to the internet, so nobody's going to leak or destroy the draft of The Winds of Winter, but it also lacks modern conveniences like spellcheck and autocorrect. Martin is totally fine with that, though, because he's a grownup who knows where the shift key is.

This is actually great news for Game of Thrones fans, who know that Martin is slow enough already, without access to the endless novel-killing distractions (and porn) of the internet.

Never change, GRRM. Never change.

[H/T BuzzFeed]