George R.R. Martin, the 65-year-old author of A Song of Ice and Fire, isn't exactly the fastest writer, much to the chagrin of fans who've gotten used to waiting years for their next fix. And then there's the nightmare scenario: What if GRRM dies before he completes the seventh book?

Well, ol' George has two words for anyone who brings up that depressing possibility: "Fuck you."

"I find that question pretty offensive, people speculating about my death and my health," he said, in an interview with the Swiss newspaper Tagesanzeiger, "So fuck you to those people."

He punctuated his point with a middle finger.

But fantasy nerds have been burned before—R.I.P. Robert Jordan—and Martin's books are so beloved that a certain segment of the internet goes on edge whenever he's seen in public instead of hunkered down to finish The Winds of Winter.

But whether he wins or he dies—those are the two options when you write Game of Thrones, obviously—it bears repeating: George R.R. Martin is not your bitch.

[H/T Uproxx, Photo: Tagesanzeiger]