Nathan Fielder Allegedly Has a Girlfriend

I know, I know, you would've been the perfect match for him

the rehearsal dinner
Claire Carusillo

Everything I Know About Aaron Rodgers’s Potential New Girlfriend Mallory Edens

She went to Princeton and she trolled Drake one time

Rich Girl
Allie Jones

'The Flash' Is Running to Theaters Even Faster Than Before

Ezra Miller's very public mental crisis is not getting in the way of Warner Bros. making money

That Was Fast
Olivia Craighead

Alex Horne of ‘Taskmaster’ Is Always Thinking Up Tasks

A chat with the mastermind behind Britain's funniest export

your time starts now
Fran Hoepfner

Meet Max, the Potential Gender-Neutral Child of HBO Max and Discovery+


wall street money never sleeps+
Fran Hoepfner

RIP, Noodle the Pug, and Sorry

Noodle, who you may remember for occasionally not having bones, has passed

bones and all
Claire Carusillo

Cole Escola Wrote and Will Star In a Play About Mary Todd Lincoln

The beloved actor and writer builds rich interior lives for the wacko characters they take on, including America’s spookiest First Lady

how to be funny
Claire Carusillo

'Absolutely Fabulous' Is Still Untouchable 30 Years Later

The vicious British satire saw us all coming

legends, darling
David Odyssey

Ayo Edebiri's Most Combative Interview to Date

The comedian and star of The Bear is done being nice, even to old friends

how to be funny
Olivia Craighead

‘GMA’ Takes Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes Off-Air Amid Sexy Cheating Chaos

They don’t want ratings I guess??

televised sex
Kelly Conaboy

We're Only 3 Sleeps Away From Harry & Meghan Telling Their Side of the Story in a Netflix Global Event

Chrimbo comes early this year

historical amnesia
Claire Carusillo

‘The Fabelmans’ Is Steven Spielberg’s Love Letter to Himself

Based on the director’s life, the film has no stakes

We get it, you like your own movies
Sarah Hagi

Fallon Files: Greta Gerwig Has a Baum in the Bach

Not that anyone seems to care

Margot at the Baby Shower
Olivia Craighead

Intelligence Community Summons Marxist Violet Affleck to White House "State Dinner"

Tread carefully, comrade

Tarpley Hitt

Leonardo DiCaprio Hoarding U.S. Supply of Models at Art Basel Miami

He’s also hoarding the U.S. supply of Richie Akiva

model behavior
Kelly Conaboy

Everyone Knew About T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach’s Affair and No One Told Us??

What the hell, you guys...

Olivia Craighead