The most famous recipient of Anthony Weiner’s penile pictorials, Sydney Leathers is a nice 22-year-old aspiring paralegal from Indiana who’s had fame thrust in her face, and she’s biting. Just like her non-quitter flasher man, Sydney’s not going away anytime soon, as she graciously joins us to blow the (beef) whistle on all the baloney (pony) that’s erupted these last few weeks.

Hi, Sydney. How are you holding up?

I feel like it’s still hitting me. It’s surreal. Gawker is one of my favorite websites. I was so happy to hear about this interview.

So was I! Why do you think Weiner won’t step down from the mayoral race? Is it the same narcissism that led to the problem in the first place?

Yeah, I really do believe so. I think the ego cannot be tamed with that man. New Yorkers don’t quit, remember?

Did you ever want the relationship to go beyond sexting and phone calls?

I think there were times when we both had talked about that, but we both got cold feet because it was really more of fantasy thing.

I know Weiner divides people sexually. Half of the people you talk to think he’s super hot, while the other half find him utterly repulsive. I find him hot.

Me too. Which makes it easier to get sucked into a situation like this. “This guy's my hero.”

The thing is, even though I’m gay, I’m not a penis man.

Who needs to see a picture of it? Come on! I was completely shocked when he sent those, because I didn’t ask for them. He wanted me to see them and I was like, “That’s kind of creepy.”

I have to admit it looked sort of nice, though. It has a big mushroom head.

I haven’t said anything bad about the penis. I’d endorse the penis for mayor before Anthony! [Laughs]

It would do a better job.

I think so.

Do you think Carlos has a taste for Danger?

I have no idea. I think he has this severe impulse and maybe he did like the idea of “I’ll get caught” because clearly he’s not so careful. The whole situation’s so bizarre and I’m still shocked. People told me, “Once you’re on Howard Stern and the press gets out there, it’ll hit you then.” It did not hit me. It’s still hitting me in waves. I consider myself a normal person. But not everyone else does. [Laughs.]

Will it be hard to go back to being an aspiring paralegal? That sounds fairly banal compared to all this hooha.

It would take time. I don’t know how I’d even get back to that. This is such an overwhelming situation. There’s no getting around it. It’s face the music or hide in a cave! I’m lucky my dad is one of my best friends and he’s been very loving and supportive. No matter what I do or say, he and my brothers love me unconditionally.

They never chastised you for your role in this?

No, not at all. Everyone has had my back 100%. People on Twitter will assume I have daddy issues. If they only knew how close I actually am with my dad!

But weren’t you on sugar daddy sites, flirting with old men?

Yeah, I did that when I was younger, but to me that’s no big deal. I feel that got blown out of proportion a little bit. I’ll never try to lie my way out of anything. I’m the opposite of Anthony. “Yeah, I did it. Whatever. It is what it is.”

So you were kind of a cock tease for the older crowd?

Yeah, definitely. I’m not gonna lie.

Was it just a phase?

Yeah, I started doing that when I was 19. I had a serious boyfriend for over a year, so I didn’t do any of that during that time.

Have you ever had sex with a woman?

Actually, I haven’t. I find myself attracted to certain women, but I’ve never acted on it. I’ve had girl crushes. I think Christina Hendricks is gorgeous.

So do I—and I’m gay, remember?

My first girl crush ever was Britney Spears, but not in her head-shaving days.

Did you ever want to send her a crotch shot?

No. I think I’m over that one.

Then send it to Christina Hendricks. I’m just trying to be silly here.

That’s OK.

It’s weird that Weiner never said anything to you about Christine Quinn at all. How about Bloomberg?

He trashed him a lot. I don’t really like Bloomberg either. He said, “He was an effing loser and he had to buy his third term and the people hate Bloomberg, but they love Anthony Weiner.” The typical narcissistic type of statement you’d hear from him.

Well, some of that was actually true. By the way, you just got a leather endorsement deal just because your name is Leathers. Don’t you wish it was Sydney Diamonds?

Actually, no. Oddly enough, I'm not one of those crazy diamond people.

But you’re a Vivid girl. Are you doing a porno film?

What I have with Vivid right now is a Playboy-style photo shoot and a behind-the-scenes videos of the shoot. I haven’t done a porno film. In a lot of the pictures, I am naked, but I’m not with anyone and there’s no sex. There are other offers on the table. Tons of people have reached out to my manager, but I haven’t committed to anything. I’m weighing my options.

Were you at all self-conscious about doing nude shots?

Yeah, you get nervous at first. My manager told me, “You’ll be nervous at first, and by the end of day, once you’re comfortable and everyone’s professional, you don’t even think about it like that.”

Maybe that’s what Weiner thought!

[Photo from Wenn.]