To make sure everyone buys everyone the best gifts ever, this year Gawker has divided the universe of potential gift recipients into readers of our Gawker Media brother and sister sites. Previously: Kotaku Reader Gift Guide.

Women: Women want to be them and men want to be with them. (Sometimes; all feelings are allowed.) Everybody knows a woman. But not everybody knows what to buy a smart, sexy, medium-to-tall, fascinating, deeply disturbed, independent, friendly woman for Christmas or a holiday of their choosing.

Many of the women I know read Jezebel. A smaller percentage of them work there.

If Gawker Media were a family (Greek probably?), the members of which were setting out individually on a convoluted race to find a large sum of money bequeathed to one of them—just one!—in the will of an eccentric, scavenger hunt-loving great uncle, Jezebel would be the girl in that family. Maybe she's a hematologist. Maybe she designs dogs for a living. The point is, she can be whatever she wants to be, and that's beautiful.

Jezebel readers know that just because a human is a woman doesn't mean you have to get her cookie cutters for Christmas, but also that some humans enjoy creating foods that are shaped like items from the world—and that enjoying such a thing does not make a person dumb or childish. Or even nice, necessarily! They also hopefully know that plastic cookie cutters are impossible to use successfully, so you should only buy metal ones.

What gift recommendations do you have for the la[aaaaaaaaa]dies in your life? Post your suggestions below. To make it look nice and to prove that you have read the instructions, we ask you to very carefully follow the following instructions:

1. Begin with the name of the gift, in bold, followed by the price.

2. If there's a photograph, post that below the name and price.

3. Describe the gift and why the sort of person who reads Jezebel would like it.

4. Indicate where an interested reader can purchase the gift, linking out to an online retailer if appropriate. Which online retailer? That's up to you. But if you link out to, a nifty little box will appear allowing readers to click a little thingie and buy it right there, which is pretty neat. Even neater, Gawker will get a cut of the purchase price. Do what you will with that information.

And don't let any women see or they will know what we are getting them for Christmas or a holiday of our choosing!