To make sure everyone buys everyone the best gifts ever, this year Gawker has divided the universe of potential gift recipients into readers of our Gawker Media brother and sister sites. Previously: Kotaku Gift Guide; Jezebel Gift Guide; Deadspin Edition; Lifehacker Gift Guide.

You know what's fucking great about buying sci-fi geeks presents? They are specific, detail-oriented, and they like cheapish material things that will not break your bank. You're not going to get a bunch of vague, "Oh, I don't know" answers from geeks when you ask what they want. They know.

Because there's a slippery slope between watching Alien on DVD to watching Alien on Blu-ray to straining your eyes and hand while paining a galaxy's worth of small, metal extra-terrestrial creatures that will test yet another slippery slope (the one between collecting and hoarding), chances are you already know exactly what the sci-fi enthusiast in your life wants. And several backups. This is not because the person is selfish. This is because the person is a completist. It is a virtue to be so easily satisfied.

But say you don't know, or say you're going to get crazy and deviate from the nicely printed, easy-to-f0llow electric dreams gift wishes of your sci-fi/fantasy-loving loved ones. What are some good presents for the io9-reading space boys and girls in your life? To make it looks nice, follow the following template:

1. Begin with the name of the gift, in bold, followed by the price.

2. If there's a photograph, post that below the name and price.

3. Describe the gift and why the sort of person who reads io9 would like it.

4. Indicate where an interested reader can purchase the gift, linking out to an online retailer if appropriate. Which online retailer? That's up to you. But if you link out to, a nifty little box will appear allowing readers to click a little thingie and buy it right there, which is pretty neat. Even neater, Gawker will get a cut of the purchase price. Do what you will with that information. Get gifting, live long, and prosper.