To make sure everyone buys everyone the best gifts ever, this year Gawker has divided the universe of potential gift recipients into readers of our Gawker Media brother and sister sites. Previously: Kotaku Reader Gift Guide; Jezebel Reader Gift Guide

Pope John Paul II once said sport itself is a gift from God, "in which the human person exercises his body, intellect and will, recognizing these abilities as so many gifts of his Creator." But screw that noise, Jack, because Christmas is about real gifts. Gifts human persons buy with money.

First, the obvious: The best Deadspin-related gift you could buy someone this holiday is almost certainly roundtrip tickets to Brazil and box seats for next year's World Cup opener. But because that may be out of your price range, it's probably wise to think of a Plan B (if it isn't out of your price range please don't tell us about it like some rich braggart). Luckily, Deadspin readers are easy to shop for, what with a wide variety of interests that include everything from sports to food to parenting to hobbits.

What are some good presents for the Deadspin fans in your life? Books, movies, event tickets, etc.? Post your suggestions below. To make it read nice, we ask you to very carefully follow these instructions:

1. Begin with the name of the gift, in bold, followed by the price.

2. If there's a photograph, post that below the name and price.

3. Describe the gift and why the sort of person who reads Deadspin would like it.

4. Indicate where an interested reader can purchase the gift, linking out to an online retailer if appropriate. Which online retailer? That's up to you. But if you link out to, a nifty little box will appear allowing readers to click a little thingie and buy it right there, which is pretty neat. Even neater, Gawker will get a cut of the purchase price. Do what you will with that information. Get gifting!

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