After a new survey of superdelegates, the Associated Press declared the inevitable Monday evening, naming Hillary Clinton the presumptive Democratic nominee. According to Gawker’s own survey of hypothetical genetic clones of Martin O’Malley, however, the former Maryland Governor will easily win the nomination should all party officials die and be replaced by said clones.

The AP reports that Clinton now has the support of the required 2,383 pledged delegates and superdelegates needed to clinch the nomination. Clinton was already expected to cross that threshold after Tuesday’s primaries, but rival Bernie Sanders has indicated he will try to recruit the hundreds of superdelegates from Clinton he needs to result in a contested convention in July.

What neither candidate has considered, however, is that Clinton, Sanders, all pledged delegates and superdelegates could die either individually or in some kind of terrible calamity in the meantime and be succeeded by thousands upon thousands of Martin O’Malley’s biological doubles.

If that happens, sources close to the proposed O’Malley clone campaign tell Gawker that O’Malley Prime will easily shore up the support needed to win before formally accepting the nomination next month.

The Clinton, Sanders and Jim Webb campaigns have not responded to requests for comment on this fanciful alternate outcome at this time.