Do you believe in ghosts? The dance-craze video for Psy's "Gangnam Style" has become the first YouTube video to ever reach 2 billion views. The only video to ever come close is Justin Bieber's "Baby," with a meager 1 billion views.

The South Korean K-pop star spent much of last year on a massive world tour, and was awarded the highest cultural honor in his home country, the Okgwan Order Of Cultural Merit. According to the BBC, Psy has three videos in the top 15 most watched videos on YouTube.

The video, however, has apparently been an albatross for the singer.

"The problem is my music video is more popular than I am," he said. "So I've got to overcome my music video first."

"Gentleman", the followup to "Gangnam Style", has only reached 700 million views. And in case you needed a reminder, here it is again.

[Image via AP]