One of the most heartwrenching scenes in the season 4 finale of Game of Thrones was between Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen and two of her dragons. No one expected to well up over CGI creatures during an episode where very bad things happened to several major characters, but here we are. All the moment was missing was the Sarah McLachlan soundtrack from those SPCA ads.

Well, here it is, courtesy of the Daily Dot.

For just 18 coppers a month, you can prevent a dragon from flambéing innocent goats and children, and give it a forever home in the catacombs of Meereen. Will you be an angel for the helpless livestock of Essos?

By the way, you're not a terrible person: Even Sarah McLachlan changes the channel on her sad dog commercials.

[H/T Daily Dot]