According to a new survey, teens are sexting less today. (This is presented as "good news." For who?) Fortunately for all of us, there has been absolutely no dropoff in adult hand-wringing over who is to blame for all of this hot, hot teen sexxxting.

You know who I blame? *Pauses for gravitas, turns to the camera with a flinty look* The parents. On this point, I'm happy to say that I have the support of this guy, Dr. Leonard Sax (motto: "Sex with an aayyyyyyyyyyy!"). The good doctor has taken enough time off from his busy schedule of cavorting with adolescents in order to pen an op-ed for sexting newsletter the Wall Street Journal about hot teen sexting, and who is to blame. We already checked—there are no pictures. Eh. Fuck it. I guess we should read the words then.

Earlier this year I visited a school in turmoil. It began with two students: a sixth-grade girl who I'll call Emily, and her 14-year-old boyfriend, who I'll call Justin. Justin begged Emily to send him some photos. "Nothing raunchy," he said. Their parents would never know, he promised.

Emily did as he asked in the privacy of her bedroom. She pulled down her shirt to reveal the curve of her breast. (Like many other 12-year-old girls nowadays, she could easily pass for 15.)

Dammmm. Leonard do u have this chiks #? I no u do ;)

We'll just fast-forward here: hot teen sex photos, cyberbullying, blah blah blah, I blame the parents. Says Dr. Leonard Sax, "let your child know that you will see every photo they take." You sick bastard.

This is the third most popular story on right now. You sick bastards.

Also, a Washington Post columnist today advises young women not to be such drunken harlots.

Kids, if you have any further questions on how to live a sexless life, consult your nearest national newspaper.

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