Damian Abraham, a guy who's best known as the singer of a band whose name makes the New York Times print funny stuff like this, will act as moderator in an upcoming Toronto mayoral debate. Canada rules.

The arts-and culture-centric discussion will take place at the city's TIFF Bell Lightbox cultural center next Monday, September 29. The Star reports:

Frontrunners John Tory and Olivia Chow have confirmed their attendance, organizers say, as have longshots Ari Goldkind and Morgan Baskin. Doug Ford has been invited but has not confirmed.

Abraham, an articulate medical marijuana user and advocate, has described himself as left-leaning.

Abraham, who performs under the name Pink Eyes, occasionally appears on the Fox News show Red Eye to offer a liberal, Canadian perspective on the issues. He's a smart dude. It's enough to make you wish Rob Ford were healthy enough to participate.

[Photo via Crustina/Flickr]