The New York Times' readers have some opinions about the paper of record's piece on the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's new campaign against men who take up too much room on the subway, a practice which has been dubbed "manspreading."

Siddhartha Vicious:

As a man, I find this behavior to be extremely irritating as well. Just because men do it, doesn't mean that it doesn't piss off other men as well.

Jake S:

It's not just women who hate this! Us guys are missing out on seats too, and this behavior makes us all look bad.


The coining of the term seems sexist to me, against men. I've seen women spreading out, as well — not just with shopping bags, but by also by spreading their hips and legs. Why not just call is spreading? It's an unfair generalization. Not to mention tacky, aesthetically.


If we're going to make gender based complaints about the train, how about women should stop perfume bombing entire cars?


It creates a space cushion. Men are less comfortable being touched by other men then women. And some men feel they are entitled to more space, as the article points out, and have no qualms about claiming it. I see the same thing on golf course practice ranges. Some men (women don't seem to do this) will put their bucket of balls into the next stall in front of them to try and keep others from using it. A lot of this is primal instinct. A need to avoid potentially dangerous contact. And if you don't believe in primal instinct why do you like bacon and french fries?

"Bucket of balls." Heh.

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