Image: AP

Michael Grimm, the former New York congressman who was convicted of felony tax evasion in 2014, is back home on house arrest after a seven-month term in federal prison. The congressman has not ruled out a return to politics, he told NY1 in a recent interview.

Grimm, a Republican whose district included Staten Island and parts of southern Brooklyn, was accused of filing fraudulent taxes at the Upper East Side health food restaurant he owned before his election to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2010, and resigned from Congress shortly thereafter. More than for his legislative record, New Yorkers may remember Grimm as the guy who once threatened to throw a reporter—a NY1 reporter!—off of a balcony for asking him a question he didn’t like.

A return to past glories doesn’t seem entirely likely for Grimm, but New York City has a proud tradition of scandalized politicians stepping up for a second at-bat. On the heels of his sexting scandal in 2013, Anthony Weiner ran for mayor, only to have a second round of leaked sexts torpedo his campaign. The same year, the prostitute-loving former governor Eliot Spitzer ran for city comptroller. Both men lost, but that shouldn’t discourage Grimm. There’s a mayoral election coming up next year, and the debates would be a lot more fun to watch if Mr. “I’ll Break You In Half Like a Boy” got involved.