Philandering French president François Hollande's l'affaire de coeur has caused some serious anxiety for the White House, which has planned a State Dinner for him next week.

The dinner, set for Tuesday, will be an extravagant black-tie affair held in a pavilion-style tent on the South Lawn (the same set-up as the State Dinner crashed by the Salahis.) Invited guests include Bradley Cooper.

Not invited: Valérie Trierweiler, the woman Hollande was just caught cheating on in a front-page tabloid story.

It seems Hollande's very public romantic affairs have affected more than just his long-term live-in girlfriend and his famous actress mistress — the White House apparently had to destroy all 300 of the State Dinner invitations and reprint them without Hollande's now-ex-girlfriend's name on them.

All of which has posed challenges for a White House staff already nervous about holding the first state dinner in nearly two years, and for haute cuisine-conscious French guests no less.

Apparently the White House has also been freaking out over who to seat next to Hollande in Trierweiler's place, whether or not the party should still feature dancing when Hollande has no dance partner, and whether the entertainment would still be appropriate.

And, Hollande's affair means Michelle Obama has no one to hang out with — according to the Times, the fact that he's attending solo means "the American first lady will have no one to escort to a local school as she has done with previous counterparts."

Instead, she spent the weekend giving out parenting advice to Justin Bieber's mother.

[image via AP]