French President François Hollande is in a sticky bit of intrigue, according to Closer, a Paris tabloid that just published exclusif paparazzi photos of Hollande in scandalous liaison with actress Julie Gayet, who is married with two children.

Hollande, 59, has been living with political journalist Valérie Trierweiler since 2006, when he separated from his common law wife, former Socialist legislator Ségolène Royal, to move in with Trierweiler. The pair began dating in 2005, when Trierweiler was still married to her first husband.

In 2006, Hollande separated from his common law wife, former Socialist legislator Ségolène Royal, whom he left for Trierweiler.

In recent weeks, Hollande has threatened legal recourse against Closer's "attack" on his personal life, which has yielded a torrent of media salivation in France in advance of the magazine's publishing the fruit of its expose: seven pages of photos featuring Hollande welcoming himself to Gayet's apartment, as well as Gayet entering an upscale 8th arrondissement flat near the Élysée Palace, where Hollande resides. Two men—Hollande and one of his official bodyguards, both wearing black motorbike helmets—are also pictured entering the flat.

Neither Hollande nor his office have yet denied the authenticity of the photos, which Closer has momentarily removed from its website—though French newsstands still feature the evidence in print. Sky News is reporting that Hollande will address the rumors in a press conference next week.

In 2012, Hollande's presidential campaign featured Gayet in a video endorsement, in which she lauded Hollande as "humble" and "somebody who really listens." These are, in fact, wonderful qualities in a man.