Here's some free advice: If you've been charged with fraud and the judge orders you to submit to fingerprint testing, don't attempt to pay for the test with a stolen credit card.

Thursday morning, a man in Ingham County, Michigan did just that, paying for the $16 test with a credit card that, when clerks ran it, was rejected because it had been reported as stolen. "Is it any wonder the jail was overcrowded the last seven days?” Ingham County Sheriff Gene Wriggelsworth said in a statement, adding that the man was one of the world's dumbest criminals.

Major Joe Maatman, a 40-year law enforcement veteran, said similar cases of fraud at a police station were rare but not unheard of. "We have had people come in here and write bad checks, but it doesn't happen very often," he said.

The credit card thief was released pending an investigation, but Sheriff Wriggelsworth said charges were likely.

[via Fark/Image via Shutterstock]