A deadly hazing event called the "glass ceiling game" that killed a Baruch College student has been ruled a homicide by a Pennsylvania coroner.

Chun Hsien "Michael" Deng died last December at a rental home in the Poconos where the New York-based Pi Delta Psi fraternity was holding a retreat.

Deng was fatally injured during a "glass ceiling" hazing event where older fraternity brothers hit blindfolded pledges in a frozen backyard.

The pledges were forced to wear a 20-pound backpack of sand before attempting to crawl through a "tunnel" made up of older brothers who actively tried to knock them down.

Authorities say that the fraternity brothers attempted to mount a botched coverup after they realized Deng had been hurt — even changing his clothes before taking him for help.

The members of Pi Delta Psi left Deng unconscious and unresponsive for more than an hour inside a rented home in rural Tunkhannock Township, Pa., before taking him for help.

They changed him into dry clothes and frantically Googled his symptoms — and then brought him to a hospital, according to a police affidavit seeking a search warrant.

After "some time," another fraternity brother drove Deng to the hospital, but it was too late. He was put on life support and died the next day.

[Screengrab via CBS]