Three female students and one male student went to the hospital this weekend after a party at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Tau Kappa Epsilon house. According to the police report, TKE brothers were using a color-coded system to "welcome" their female guests. Those guests were likely roofied.

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports, "Police were called three times to the Sandburg Residence Hall between midnight and 1:33 a.m. Saturday as students entered the dorm, unable to stand or walk and with color-coded X's on their hands from the same party." The girls who were hospitalized all had special red X's on their hands. The man who was hospitalized drank from a girl's drink.

The police report also notes that "hot" girls were given or allowed to purchase index cards that provided "all access to the house" and free drinks. Party attendees told police that TKE brothers moved cups under the bar while making those drinks, and that they "looked cloudy."

UWM has suspended TKE for the time being. One student—likely a TKE brother—has been arrested.

[Photo via WISN]