Sigma Alpha Epsilon at the University of Arizona was suspended from all alcohol activities today in the wake of hazing allegations, according to The Daily Wildcat. But SAE's suspension is a long time coming—last year, Jackass star Johnny Knoxville accused the frat of drugging him.

The Wildcat notes that at a screening for Bad Grandpa put on by SAE last September, Knoxville unexpectedly got ecstasy in his beer. He told TMZ at the time, "Someone dosed me with ecstasy and after that the wheels fell off." He didn't seem that mad about it, however. The party looked fun:

Since then, SAE has been subject to a sanction allowing only one event with alcohol per semester, which SAE has allegedly not abided. In addition to hazing pledges, the frat has had multiple events with alcohol, according to assistant dean of students Johanne Ives. Ives told The Wildcat, "Sometimes, if an organization has a judicial history that is pretty lengthy, the institution may feel like we've run out of options in terms of educational sanctions or punitive sanctions."

SAE has violated policy 12 times since 2006, not including these new allegations. The frat hasn't made an official statement about its suspension.

[Photo via AP]