Fraternities and sororities serve a very worthwhile social purpose by sorting young Americans into handy stereotypes that will aid you in avoiding them during college. But some Greek undergrads think they get a bad rap, and are acting like jerks on Facebook to fix that.

The idea behind the “We Are Not Our Stereotypes” campaign, pioneered by an assortment of binge drinking class-skippers at York College, is that just because a guy is in a fraternity, he’s not some sort of beer-swilling ape. He’s been to fuckin’ Lithuania, OK? He reads books, like that Tucker Max book, that was chill as hell. And The Iliad is cool I guess, kinda gay, but whatever.

You might say girls in sororities are just buying friends, but can you buy something that’s... priceless?

More fiction (L) versus fact (R), below:

Red Wing boots are very expensive.

There’s no greater joke than fraternity leadership training.

A lot of these boasts are for things that don’t really mean anything outside of college. Much like all Greek life things, so why fret so much?

Literally meaningless!

No one asked!

Those things are not mutually exclusive, and great, “600$” will not even save one sick kid, I hope you feel just great. You’re all kidding yourselves! The only way to avoid taking heat for being in a fraternity or sorority is to avoid being implicated in any major criminal acts, photographed in any heinous situations, and just hope that everyone forgets when you go off to work for Deloitte.

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