As was speculated in Sky News two weeks ago, French president François Hollande has ended his relationship with political journalist and first lady Valérie Trieweiler, according to a statement he made to Agence France Presse. The news comes after French tabloid Closer published several pages of photos of the president leaving the house of his supposed mistress, actress Julie Gayet.

Closer committed to removing the photos from their site and pulling print copies from newsstands, but apparently the damage had already been done. As Hollande told AFP, "I make it known that I have put an end" to his relationship with Trieweiler, who spent a week in the hospital following the scandal's exposure.

The citizens of France were reportedly blithe regarding the affair, while Hollande spoke out against the tabloid, stating that he "profoundly deplores the violations of the respect of private life, to which he has the right, like any citizen." From a country whose language deals in words like "blasé" and "ennui" we're sure that this recent development won't shake France too deeply.

[Image via AP]