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Laugh-a-minute Fox News reporter Jesse Watters has made a career out of ambushing story subjects on the street and broadcasting their confused reactions on The O’Reilly Factor. Last night, Watters’ gaze turned toward the participants of the annual San Francisco Pride Celebration & Parade, where the Fox emissary trolled the parade route in downtown S.F. to get a rise out of various attendees. After all, 60-something conservative men need some way to gape at gay people.

Wearing a pink polo shirt with an upturned collar, Watters spends the segment acting like a 14-year-old boy. Some highlights:

  • “I love the pants. I have to be honest with you, the pants look a little tight.”
  • “Are you guys sure you don’t like girls? Are you sure?”
  • “You still need these parades even though you guys can get married in California?”
  • “Are you out of the closet?”
  • “Do you guys work out?”
  • “I’m going to go out on a limb — you look a little promiscuous.”
  • “Does it make you a bigot if you believe in traditional marriage?”
  • “Can I have a straight pride parade if I wanted to?”
  • “Is the gay pride parade shoving something down other people’s throats?”

Hilarious. We’re sure Shepard Smith is laughing, too.