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Last night, Roger Ailes officially denied former Fox News host Gretchen Carlson’s claims of “severe and pervasive sexual harassment,” with Ailes calling the suit “offensive” and “wholly without merit.” The content Ailes sees fit to air, however, tells a different story.

For years, Fox News has been a bastion of casual sexism, so it should surprise no one that the ideas expressed on air manifested off the air as well. Only the court can say for sure whether the Fox News chairman was guilty of such vulgar behavior as, per Carlson’s complaint, “ogling [her] in his office and asking her to turn around so he could view her posterior.” But her colleagues are definitely guilty of doing exactly that, on the air, and then celebrating it.

We’ve compiled some of the more egregious bits of that Fair & Balanced celebration above.

Video by Nicholas Stango