In covering the Ferguson, Mo. protests against the police killing of Michael Brown, Fox & Friends decided to ignore the problems with a heavily-armed police force marching against civilians and criticize the protesters instead.

"Forgetting MLK's Message," read the chyron during a Thursday morning interview with Martin Luther King Jr.'s niece, Alveda King. According to her, the problem is that Al Sharpton has riled up a bunch of "rioting" protesters—no mention of the fact that police have been equipped with armored vehicles, wooden bullets, riot gear, and a huge supply of tear gas.

Fox's Brian Kilmeade agreed with King's that the protesters weren't "nonviolent" enough, and lamented that "There doesn't seem to be a leader to step up, like your uncle and dad did."

Last night, hundreds of unarmed people chanted "hands up, don't shoot," before police hit them with tear gas and rubber and wooden bullets. A St. Louis alderman, Antonio French, was reporting from the scene via social media. He was arrested.

[H/T TPM, Photo: Fox News via TPM]