The Internet's favorite trick-shot toddler Titus has been making the talk show rounds since his first video went viral earlier this year, demonstrating his incredible basketball skills without incident.

Until today that is.

Appearing on this morning's Fox & Friends, the 2-year-old was doing his thing for the camera, making basket after basket, until co-host Brian Kilmeade, possibly overcome with jealous rage, decided to pick up the ball and throw it in the little boy's face.

Kilmeade initially showed remorse as Titus began to cry, before cutting to commercial as an off-screen voice informed him he was fired.

Sadly, he was not.

And after the short break Kilmeade was back to his callous Fox News self, asking if he truly "was at fault there or should have Titus had his hands up?"

[H/T: Clip Nation]