Four people, including a gunman, died on Saturday after a shooting in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

According to The Denver Post, the gunman shot three people before police arrived to the scene. The gunman returned fire at officers, until he was shot dead by one of them. He was pronounced dead on Saturday afternoon. According to the reports of one witness, the gunman, carrying a rifle, was fleeing police when he was shot.

“I looked out my kitchen window and I saw a man in a green jacket firing an AR-15...waited a few seconds, went out my house, looked to my left and saw a man down the street, probably 50 feet. I started calling him and I called the cops,” witness Matt Abshire told The Colorado Springs Gazette.

The sheriff’s office has not yet released the names of the three victims. The police department has opened an investigation into the incident, and the officers involved have been placed on administrative leave for the time being.