Photo: AP

On Tuesday, former Trump advisor Michael Caputo offered new insight into life inside the chaotic presidential campaign, describing a “miserable,” war-like atmosphere in the wake of last month’s public screaming match between spokeswoman Hope Hicks and former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.

Caputo resigned from the Trump campaign on Monday after tweeting, “Ding dong the witch is dead!” in response to Lewandowski’s firing. But by his telling, Caputo had reason to pissed: Speaking to to talk radio host Tom Bauerle on Monday, Caputo said Lewandowski owed him months of backpay, “sitting” on his invoices since he joined Team Trump in March.

In addition to being unpaid, Caputo says he says found himself unwilling recruited into ugly power struggles between Trump’s old and new guard. From Buzzfeed:

Caputo, who described himself as a “Manafort guy,” said he found himself in the middle of the ongoing fight between Lewandowski and Paul Manafort. He added that life on the campaign became especially miserable after he witnessed a fight between Lewandowski and communications director Hope Hicks.

“In mid-May, I ran into and witnessed a scene between Corey Lewandowski and other members of the campaign that I shouldn’t have,” Caputo said. “And that was out in the media fairly soon, I was with reporters when that happened. And when that happened I became a part of the fight. I didn’t go there to be a part of the fight even though I’m a Manafort guy and a Trump guy from way back. But suddenly, I was assigned a team in this flag football game. And after that, uh, after that happened, it, ever since then it’s been miserable for me in that campaign. Miserable. Because I saw something I wasn’t supposed to see.”

“The situation between Corey and was like going to work every day with flamethrowers,” said Caputo. “And waiting around the corner until one or the other of them comes in and just lighting ‘em up. That’s what it was like every single day for me after that day I saw him and Hope on the street.”

Still, Caputo said he was hopefully for the future of the Trump campaign.

“I’m more excited about this race and Donald Trump’s chances today,” said Caputo. “It’s not about me or an individual. It’s not about Corey Lewandowski. It’s about the United States America.”